Your AI Sous Chef Awaits

Imagine a world where meal planning doesn’t feel like a second job and grocery shopping isn’t a marathon run through the aisles. We built Ollie to bring that vision to life. Ollie is an AI assistant that plans your meals and builds your grocery list just the way you want. We’re still cooking Ollie right now, but while you wait, here’s a little about what you can come to expect from the app.

The daily dilemma: what’s for dinner?

For many families, the “what’s for dinner” question elicits stress, anxiety, and most often, takeout. Ollie’s goal is to eliminate that question so you never have to think about it again. Sound nice?

Your AI sous chef: Ollie for meal planning

Weekly meal planning magic 

Each week, Ollie sends a friendly nudge to your phone, signaling the start of the meal-planning session. Drawing on your family’s unique preferences — which includes dietary restrictions, family size, meal frequencies, and favorite recipes — Ollie suggests a menu just for you. It even considers your current pantry inventory to minimize waste and shopping list preparation time. You simply review the plan, swapping dishes or adjusting portion sizes with just a few taps. 

Groceries made easy

Select a plan, and Ollie organizes an optimized grocery list, ensuring you have the ingredients you need without the hassle of inventory checking. Ollie’s shopping list is not just a list — it’s an intelligent guide, categorized per your store’s layout, with quantities that make sense for the week’s meals. 

Your AI assistant is always ready to chat 

At the heart of Ollie is a sophisticated AI chat interface, deliberately designed to feel like you’re interacting with a friend. 

Swap or adjust your recipes

Need to swap spinach for kale in tonight’s recipe because of your recent grocery store out-of-stock fiasco? No problem. Ollie is at your command. Ask Ollie for a quick substitution and your recipe will be instantly updated. Ollie can also help make quick adjustments to serving sizes and answer questions about specific aspects of the recipe.

Swap, update or adjust recipes in seconds with Ollie, the AI assistant for meal planning.

A Personal Chef that Evolves with You

Ollie craves your feedback. Your ratings and suggestions after each meal are not just appreciated; they’re essential ingredients. 

Your Feedback Shapes the Menu 

Enjoyed the meal, but felt it needed a pinch more oregano? Your feedback loops right back into Ollie’s culinary brain, refining future recipes to meet your ever-evolving palate. 

Get more from meal planning

Bringing Ollie into your kitchen isn’t just about making food — it’s about reclaiming time, reducing stress, and creating an opportunity to discover new meals that fit alongside your family’s favorites. 

Ollie is in active development right now and will be released soon. If you are interested in gaining early access, join the waitlist.


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