We believe in AI for good

Ollie is founded on the principle that we work for you, and only you. 

Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology that, when used for good, can improve our lives. Our mission is to embrace that technology to help you get more enjoyment out of life.

That means that Ollie is unbiased, uninfluenced by third parties, and will never include ads.

With Ollie, you will find what you need and nothing else.

We don’t measure our success in time spent with Ollie. Our success is measured by how well we can give you time to spend doing whatever else brings you joy.

This philosophy extends to how we think about our product design. You have enough on your plate that you don’t need one more app clamoring for your attention. 

In our view, if you spend more time using Ollie, that gets in the way of the efficiency that AI creates. Instead, we aim to design Ollie to get a job done and be done, so you have more time to put your phone down, step away, and enjoy.

We hope you do.

The Ollie Team

May 2024

The Ollie Team