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The Best Meal Kit: Get the Personalization You Always Wanted

We’ve all tried meal kits. The best meal kits offer done-for-you dinners but come with tons of packaging, high costs, and little variety. Enter Ollie, the family AI that instantly plans personalized meals and grocery lists so you can eat exactly the way you want. Curious how Ollie compares to today’s best meal kits? Here are just a few of the ways:

Meal Kits vs. Ollie

The best meal kit alternative

Meal Kits:

  • Limited Variety
    With meal kits, you’re often restricted to a pre-selected menu of options. The choices can become repetitive, and you’re at the mercy of what the meal kit company decides to offer that week. This limited variety can make meal planning feel monotonous.
  • Little Flexibility
    Meal kit plans are typically fixed, offering limited ability to adjust based on your family’s preferences or dietary restrictions. If you need to make changes, it often means starting over or waiting for the next menu cycle.
  • Packaging Waste
    Meal kits come with groceries packed in multiple layers of materials for shipping and preservation. This leads to a significant amount of waste, with boxes, insulation, and ice packs piling up every week.
  • Expensive
    You’re paying for more than just the ingredients. The cost of packaging, shipping, and the convenience of having meals planned for you adds up quickly. This can make meal kits a pricey option for families.


  • Infinite Variety
    With Ollie, you gain access to an infinite variety of recipes and meal combinations. Ollie’s AI instantly suggests new and exciting meals, ensuring your family never gets bored with dinner.
  • Highly Personalized
    Every recipe and meal plan Ollie provides is tailored specifically to your tastes, dietary needs, and preferences. You can adjust anything with a simple message, allowing for complete customization to fit your lifestyle.
  • No Packaging
    Ollie doesn’t ship you groceries. Instead, it helps you plan and purchase groceries however you like: delivered, pickup, or in person. This means no excessive packaging waste, and you can shop in a way that’s most convenient for you.
  • Grocery Savings
    Buy only what you need and use what you have on hand. Ollie helps you plan meals that make the most of your existing pantry, reducing food waste and saving money on your grocery bill.

Ollie is Coming Soon

Ollie is currently in private beta and is starting to invite people from the waitlist. Join the waitlist for early access.


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