Ollie - Your AI assistant for weeknight meals

Your AI assistant for weeknight meals.

Never stress about what's for dinner again. Ollie develops personalized recipes and grocery lists in minutes so you can use your hard-earned time on the things that matter most.

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👋 Hi, I'm Ollie. The AI.

I help answer the question "What's for dinner?" with ease, avoiding the last-minute rush to the store, greasy takeout, or another simple, boring dinner.

By getting to know you and what you like, I can provide recipes and meal plans written just for you. Every week. Within minutes. 

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Dinner doesn't have to be complicated.

No more hunting for recipes. Ollie takes on the burden of weeknight meal planning and finds recipes written just for you.

Stop making multiple meals. Instead of making different dinners for each type of eater in your house, find a recipe that works for everyone.

Forget the weeknight scramble. Solve the end-of-day dilemma of "what's for dinner" with done-for-you meal plans.

Take the Guesswork Out Of Weeknight Dinners

Discover recipes that meet your needs, exactly

Flexatarian? Avoiding sugar? Picky eaters? Ollie understands your family's needs beyond standard diet categories to deliver highly personalized meal plans that meet the needs of everyone in your house.

Find meals that work with your busy schedule

Ollie knows you may not be able to cook a new recipe every day of the week. Ollie includes your go-to meals, the items in your kitchen, and your time constraints to deliver a meal plan that actually works.

Plan dinners just the way you want, in minutes, not hours

Review your meal plan, make edits and generate an organized shopping list you can take straight to the store. Want to swap out ingredients or change a meal? Instantly update your recipe and list. 

Take back that precious time

You've got to make dinner, but planning those meals is hard. Recapture that time with recipes and grocery lists that are done for you just as if you did it. (Maybe even better!) 

$15 per month at launch. Cancel any time.

So good,
it feels like magic

Ollie gets better with every interaction, remembering and learning from your every meal

Ollie is a simple mobile app powered by bleeding edge AI that is so easy to use, your kids could do it 

Ollie is your trusted sous chef, sending reminders and dinner ideas before you even think about it

Add a little magic
to your meals with AI.

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