You're In!

You're In!

Break out of your
dinner rut today

Break out of your dinner rut

Hi, I’m Ollie. I’m your smart, new AI assistant. I’m going to break you out of your dinner rut, automate your grocery lists and bring joy to family dinners. Let’s get started.

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Step 3: Get new recipes written just for you. Every week.

Ollie learns about you and delivers new and favorite recipes written just for you each week. 

Your AI sous chef: Ollie for meal planning

Ollie FAQs

Yes, Ollie is completely free while in beta. We believe in AI for good. Learn more here.

When you request a recipe, Ollie’s state-of-the-art intelligence combines a deep understanding of gastronomy with your particular needs based on your profile to write a recipe just for you.

Ollie is currently in private beta. You have received this information as an exclusive invitation. 

Yes! We’d love for you to share Ollie. Feel free to talk about Ollie with your friends, share the Waitlist, and follow us along on Instagram and TikTok

We think so, and so do our beta testers. For a look at what we’ve been cooking up with Ollie, check us out on Instagram.

Ollie is still in beta, and bugs can happen. Please report any bug you find by clicking on the Intercom button on the top right corner of your profile page or by emailing us directly at This helps us improve the app quickly.