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The most-asked questions about Ollie

Frequently Asked Questions about Ollie

Christy Shannon

You asked, we answer! From TikTok comments to emails, our team answers the questions we get most about the AI assistant for family meals, Ollie.

How does Ollie create the recipes for its meal plans?

Ollie, utilizing state-of-the-art AI models, first accesses a comprehensive database of ingredients, including their nutritional information, seasonality, and common culinary uses. This database allows Ollie to select ingredients that not only meet the nutritional needs and preferences of the user but also ensure diversity and balance in flavors.

Then, Ollie generates step-by-step cooking instructions by breaking down the recipe into sequential steps. Learn more here.

Arbaaz Mahmood, AI Engineer

Will I be able to save my favorite recipes?

Yes, we expect the cookbook functionality to be released with the first version of the app. We all have our favorites, and we think it’s super valuable to easily get back to them. We want you to enjoy your food!

Along with that, Ollie is going to use your saved meals to learn more about you and your preferences. This makes it easy for AI to find the best match for you!

Anton Borvanov, Frontend Engineer

How can I share my favorite recipes?

You can share your family’s go-to meals with Ollie by either writing a short description, taking a photo of a recipe (online, or from a binder or cookbook), or by uploading a screenshot of a recipe. Ollie will generate a full recipe with an ingredients list and cooking instructions and recommend them in your meal plan when you want something familiar.

Luke Kollman, UI Designer

Will I be able to order groceries with Ollie?

Our vision for Ollie is to be your AI assistant, and that means doing the grocery shopping for you and scheduling a pickup or delivery if you want it. While this won’t be available to everyone immediately, we are looking for beta testers to rollout this feature.

Georgi Gospodinov, Head of Data & Machine Learning

Will I be able to order groceries with Ollie?

Ollie is designed to understand your dietary needs and preferences. During the onboarding process, you can share your dietary restrictions, like lactose intolerance, allergies, and other requirements or preferences. Ollie uses this information to tailor meal recommendations for you, ensuring that every suggested recipe fits your dietary needs.

Ollie is not only designed to understand your dietary preferences from the get-go, but it also allows you to update these preferences and requirements as time goes on. Whether you discover a new food allergy, decide to try a new diet, or simply want to change things up, Ollie makes it easy to adjust your profile so that your meal recommendations align with your current dietary needs.

In addition to allowing you to update your dietary preferences and requirements, we’re also working on enhancing Ollie’s capabilities to learn and ask about your preferences over time. This means that Ollie will become even more personalized and intuitive, ensuring that the meal recommendations are in tune with your changing tastes and needs. As you continue to use Ollie, it will get better at understanding and catering to your unique preferences!

Jaba Adams, Applied AI Developer

Is Ollie an app?

Yes, we want Ollie to be available wherever you are. Ollie will launch as an app on both Apple and Android devices.

Yan Koshelev, Frontend Engineer

When can I access Ollie?

We expect to begin beta testing as soon as April 1 and will start to invite folks from our waitlist to help us make Ollie great. If you’re interested in beta testing and providing feedback, please reach out to us directly at hello@ollie.ai.

Our goal is to give users an amazing experience and for Ollie to become something you can’t live without. We’ve made a conscious decision to grow our user base gradually by inviting more users from our waitlist as the experience matures. Our goal is to publicly launch this summer.

Bill Lennon, CEO and Founder

How much does Ollie cost?

Ollie will be available for free at launch, and Ollie will always be free of ads, influence and bias. Ollie’s mission is to work for you.

Christy Shannon, CMO

An AI assistant that offers more than meal planning

Bringing Ollie into your kitchen isn’t just about making food — it’s about using the power of AI to reclaim time, reduce stress, and create an opportunity to discover new meals that fit alongside your family’s favorites. 

Ollie is in active development right now and will be released soon. If you are interested in gaining early access, join the waitlist.


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