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Ollie - AI assistant for weeknight meals is coming soon

Your AI Assistant is Coming Soon: Ollie Beta Begins!

Christy Shannon

We are super excited to share that Ollie has entered private beta! 

Last week a few of our fans from the waitlist were welcomed as the first to use Ollie as an AI assistant to plan meals and groceries for their families.

It was magical.

Within a few minutes of downloading the app, Ollie developed a “taste profile” that captured Suzanne and her family’s unique preferences. Suzanne is a vegetarian who cooks for four. Her husband and sons are picky omnivores with a few food restrictions, and her family is go-go-go throughout the week. 

Suzanne shared with us the constant question, “what’s for dinner?” is always a source of stress. “Coming home at the end of the day, you’re tired and the last thing you want to do is figure this out.” Like many of us, she’s fallen into a rut cooking the same things and relying too much on ordering in and sacrificing healthy family meals. 

A few minutes after getting her taste profile, she had a meal plan and grocery list for the week.

Ollie didn’t recommend recipes from the internet. Ollie wrote each recipe specifically for Suzanne’s family. And they were delicious!

AI assistant for weeknight meals launches beta

When we caught up with Suzanne at the end of the week she told us she told all of the moms at football practice about Ollie, “This solved such a big problem in my life. It helped me and I want it to help others.”

Want early access to Ollie?

We’ll be working feverishly to get Ollie ready for prime time over the coming weeks and beta testing is key to that. We’d love to get your help. 

We’re looking for folks who don’t mind the caution tape and want to plan their meals and cook with Ollie and give us feedback to make Ollie better.

If you are interested, please join the waitlist. We are reaching out to people on the waitlist to participate in the beta test.


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