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How to Get a Meal Plan (with grocery list!) with Ollie

How to Get a Meal Plan (with grocery list!) with Ollie

Christy Shannon

Ollie is designed to be your very easy-to-use, trusted assistant for family meals. Instead of scrambling for a last-minute dinner idea or getting stuck in a cooking rut, Ollie can generate a meal plan with a grocery list without the extra stress of worrying about what to cook. 

Here’s how it works. 

Download Ollie 

(Note: Ollie is currently in private beta and is not available in the app store. Join the waitlist to get early access.) 

Download Ollie from the app store

Share a little bit about you and your family’s preferences

Ollie will ask you questions about your dietary and health preferences and any dislikes you have. No predetermined checkboxes here. You can add as much (or little) detail as you like to inform Ollie. 

Review recipes to build a taste profile 

Ollie will share a series of meals with you to understand if you like or dislike them. This is your time to shine! The more information you share about what, specifically, you like about these recipes, the smarter Ollie gets. At the end, you will see a summary of your taste profile, which helps determine your weekly meal plan. 

Create a taste profile

Create a meal plan 

Ollie creates a weekly meal plan based on the number of days you want to cook and how busy your schedule is. You can easily drag and drop meals around to fit the right day of the week. 

Create a meal plan

Swap out and revise your meal plan 

If a meal doesn’t look exciting, you can easily hit replace and a new one will magically appear. If you have specific feedback, a quick chat with Ollie will help you find something you like. 

Swap out and revise your meal plan

Use ingredients you already have 

If you have specific ingredients in your kitchen that you want to use, let Ollie know! It will instantly revise your meal plan to include them. 

Chat with Ollie to use ingredients you already have

Get a grocery list 

Once your meal plan is finalized, move over to the grocery tab to find an updated grocery list, organized by sections of the store for easy shopping. If you make changes to your meal plan, your grocery list will be instantly updated.

Generate a grocery list

Cook with Ollie 

Return to Ollie throughout the week to find your planned recipes and start to cook. 

Get next week’s meal plan 

Ready for next week’s meal plan? On the day you chose to get your meal plan, Ollie will prompt you with a Weekly Review, asking you for updated information for the week ahead. This is a great place to let Ollie know if you have any changes to dinner guests, busy nights, or ingredients you want to use. With that information, you will get a brand new, fully customized meal plan.

Customize your weekly meal plan

So easy, it’s magic 

Ollie is designed to give you time back in your day by making it so easy to plan healthy, diverse meals for your family. Ollie is in private beta right now and launching soon. To gain early access, join the waitlist


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