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5 ways Ollie can deliver better family dinners

5 ways Ollie can deliver better family dinners

Looking for healthy, diverse dinners that your family will love? The key is personalization. Every person and every family table is unique. That’s why we created Ollie. AI has the unique ability to offer deeply personalized recommendations just for you.

Here are 5 ways Ollie can help you find family dinners you will love.

1. Plan meals around your busy schedule 

Each week, you can review your weekly schedule and let Ollie know if you have any busy nights when you will need faster meals. Ollie will adjust your menu to find meals that work with your schedule. 

2. Instantly shift meals to the best day 

Drag and drop meals to instantly schedule your week. Change in schedule? Mood? Weather? Make a quick swap to create a meal plan that works for you.

3. Use ingredients you already have 

Reduce food waste by getting more out of what you already have. Simply chat with Ollie to share which ingredients you would like to use this week, and Ollie will incorporate them into your meal plan. 

4. Save favorite meals (even with changes!)

Did you like last week’s meal? But maybe have a tweak to the recipe? (We all do!) Let Ollie know, and it will instantly adjust the recipe and save your updated version for use in future meal plans. 

5. Tell Ollie how much variety you want 

Are you seeking diversity in your dinners? Or are you more comfortable cooking family favorites? Tell Ollie how much variety you want, and your meal plan will adjust.

Ollie is coming soon

Ollie launched a private beta this month and is inviting new members to join each week. Join the waitlist to gain early access.


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